Make Digital Art More Discoverable, Verifiable and Valuable With Artist Registry

Artist Registry is a collaborative effort among curators, collectors, and artists to create a public, verified directory of artists and their works on the blockchain.

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How registry works

Curators, collectors, and artists vote with their wallets on the validity of important data about artists and their artworks. A JSON file containing this data, including the votes, is available for anyone to use.

Hundreds of Artists Using RC.XYZ Profiles

If you’re an artist and you’re looking for a nice aggregation of all your work plus notable accomplishments… @rightclick is for you
Daniel100.eth ◹◺

Daniel100.eth ◹◺

now this is crazy good


🫡🫂🔥 This is the most detailed and structured work in the nft specific web.3 portfolio 🤌🫵
𝐄𝐤𝐚𝐧𝐚 ⚜️

𝐄𝐤𝐚𝐧𝐚 ⚜️

GM! You can now see my whole portfolio at a glance. Thanks for setting my page up @rightclick !


I’m stoked to have my own profile on Right-Click. I love showcasing my work from various chains, all in one place and I really appreciate the built-in optionality on the site. Huge thanks to @rightclick


Exciting news! Thanks to @rightclick, I now have a profile for you to easily explore my portfolio and info.


@rightclick is a great tool



Benefits of Using Artist Registry

Accessible and verifiable lists of all your minted artworks have multiple benefits for artists:

Enhance Value of Your Collaborative, Indirect, and Alternative Blockchain NFT Mints

Artworks created collaboratively, as well as tokens minted via external contracts—like POAPs and "The Memes" by 6529, along with tokens minted on alternative blockchains—often encounter challenges due to unclear provenance. Establishing an artist registry could serve to verify authorship, consequently increasing the token's value.

Increased Utility of Artwork

A documented list of artworks empowers projects to offer token-gated experiences. It also facilitates the use of these assets as collateral in lending protocols.

Improved Discoverability in the artist catalog

An organized, accessible, and authenticated artwork list aids galleries, critics, museums, and other projects in understanding, building upon, and showcasing the artist's work.

Streamlined License Communication

Clear licensing definitions alleviate complexities for artists, allowing them and other projects to use the artworks with fewer concerns.

Artists verifying their artworks receive

AR models for artworks

Bring the artowrks to your living room!

JSON of artworks for Dune dashboard integration

API access for the artworks for your website

Increased exposure in the RC Directory

Verified RC profile
with nice badge!

The team behind rightclick

We are an experienced team working behind the RC.XYZ platform, a unifying platform for NFT artists. With over 700 artists onboarded and overwhelmingly positive feedback, we have realized the need for a registry to build our product. Additionally, there are many other subjects we are exploring.

Creators avatars
Jan Antonín Kolář
Co-founder, head of product
Creators avatars
Denis Valášek
Co-founder, backend developer
Creators avatars
David Tyemnyák
Frontend developer
Creators avatars
Anastasia Taran
Communications, art advisor


Creators avatars
NFT collector and curator
Creators avatars
Brand designer in web3 space, WE3 collective
Creators avatars
Jiri Zlatohlavek
web3 designer, crypto advisor
Creators avatars
EVM, reth contributor, data engineer

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